Why should I pay reparations?

Is this official?

No. This is personal and optional.

What about Native Americans?

Native Americans were also enslaved in America, and suffered greatly through the theft of their land and the destruction of their culture and heritage. Reparations are appropriate here as well.

What about Japanese internees?

The list of injustices is long, and I support efforts to make good and promote healing in all these areas. For myself, I am starting with the African slave trade and its consequences.

Is this a political movement?

No. This is a personal apology by anyone who chooses to participate.

I’m descended from 20th century immigrants. My family had nothing to do with slavery. Why should I pay reparations?

You don’t have to. No one has to. But maybe as a member and beneficiary of this society you will choose to acknowledge the still-continuing consequences of American slavery and racial discrimination and how it disadvantages many of your fellow citizens. Maybe you will choose to participate in healing the wound you did not cause, but which afflicts the community you are part of.

Shouldn’t reparations be made by the government?

That is a political question, but so far it hasn’t happened. The opinions are too many, the numbers too large, and the questions too complicated. I don’t have a solution, and I don’t have the power to compel my fellow citizens to participate. I do have the power of my own resources, and you of yours.

How can this make a difference? Isn’t it just a drop in the bucket?

Yes, most individual payments will be small, and only a fraction of a fraction of what is morally due as restitution for this great national crime. But maybe my tiny payment — and yours — can be a down payment on healing our national wound, softening hearts, and building relationships.

Is this virtue signaling?

Maybe. But since it’s backed by a voluntary payment, maybe it’s virtue too.

How can I help?

First of all, give to a non-profit focused on fixing the damage caused by slavery. Second, sign up on our “Advocates” page and then share this with everyone you feel might be interested.